The DTi Creative Four Pillars Marketing Philosophy

Matt Adams General, Marketing

The Foundation

The Four Pillars are the foundation of DTi Creative’s Marketing Philosophy. These four principles of marketing create the infrastructure for any business to excel and meet their goals year after year. The Four Pillars are Lead Generation, Online Branding, Optimization, and Retention.

Most business owners know the importance of marketing but unfortunately most of them don’t have the extra time to really do what maybe they even already know how to do.

And that’s where we come in.

We look at their plan and look at the four pillars and make a decision as one of their consultants. Of which one does it make sense for them to continue doing, to improve doing, or where it just makes sense to pass that off so they can continue do the things they enjoy doing.

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Why We Developed the Four Pillars Philosophy

DTi Creative has been providing creative solutions and a wide variety of services since getting our start in 2010. We began by developing brands, designing logos, creating websites and doing email marketing campaigns. Over time, we added every other digital marketing tactic under the sun, SEO, video, pay-per-click, etc. You name it, we’ve provided it based on our clients’ needs and goals and our ongoing research around what tactics produce results.

However over time, we needed to continue to refine our approach.
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Why Was This Necessary

Simply put, the one-off tactic business marketing approach is no longer effective in today’s marketing landscape. Just doing ‘Google Ads’ or sending out email campaigns is no longer yielding the results they once did. Executing one of these tactics can be good for your business, but not great. And we want your business to be great!

Based on our experience, we have found that all successful businesses have a solid foundation with activity in each of the four pillars (Lead Generation, Online Branding, Optimization, Retention). There are several tactics within each of the four pillars, such as search engine optimization, paid search, marketing automation, email marketing, programmatic display advertising, blog content generation, and analytics - kind of like tools in a toolbox. We help our clients determine which pillars to focus on and which tools to choose under a given pillar.

The four pillars augment and reinforce each other, allowing a business to get the best results from each of them. Listening to the client’s short and long-term goals and setting completion dates for these goals are integral to the process. Then we can determine where your current focus has been. Often a business will have significant activity in one or two of the pillars, but the other two will be empty. For example, many businesses have been doing most of their marketing activity in Lead Generation, but very little in Branding, which maximizes the effectiveness of Lead Generation. Once activity is occurring in all four pillars, a solid marketing infrastructure has been built and can be used for each new goal year after year, fast-tracking your business’ success.

We start the process by conducting some in depth research on our own into your company and industry and talk with clients to learn their objectives. As we learn about their business and their goals, we can build their custom Four Pillar Marketing Strategy.

Clients can then fill in the pillars where their activity has been light or vacant so as to balance out their foundation. This will maximize efficiency and results. Client's can then build upon their foundation for years to come. As they complete each goal, they can use the Four Pillar Strategy again and again with each new goal.

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