6 Top Tips on Utilizing Backlinks to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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Have you ever thought about how backlinks could increase your website’s rankings to generate higher amounts of traffic on your website? By the end of this blog, you will have a better understanding of how backlinks will increase your website’s authority to see higher rank results! Accumulating backlinks is a difficult task to complete without the right tools, but knowing …

Reaching Out for Backlinks: How to Ask Bloggers for Backlinks

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72% percent of polled Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists believe that backlinks significantly impact ranking results In a digital landscape tilting towards mobile-first, your content has to rank top on a customer’s search. Backlinking is a popular strategy firms use to generate inbound traffic for high-quality leads. If you are looking to grow your content’s authority, here is how you can …

PPC Campaign Management: Are You Properly Using Your Ad Budget?

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Are you looking to improve your PPC campaign management? Sure, we’ve all heard Google’s claim. Every dollar you spend on Google AdWords earns you $2 in revenue. Unfortunately, if you’ve already set up a PPC campaign, you learned firsthand that those numbers don’t apply to you. They’re a statistic derived from a large sample of expert advertisers with big budgets. Does …

Experience, Authority and Trust in the Aftermath of the Google ‘Medic’ Update

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Since Aug 1, 2018, Google has released a ton of upgrades which have in turn made search results less than predictable.  It is widely known as the”Medic Update” since it largely affected the health/medical industry. However, the upgrades have impacted a wide variety of markets including e-commerce, clothing trends websites, local, affiliate, and much more. Google claims the original update was not targeted specifically at Medical websites, but rather was a widespread core update.

SEO Case Studies

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Below are some great case studies of recent SEO results we’ve attained for our clients.

These 4 case studies from various niches have had some great results in only a few months.